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Service offers spanning generations

Every day, families have to meet various demands; parents or people taking care of relatives sometimes face completely new situations–from one day to the next. For working parents, sick or old people, and people with disabilities, it is often difficult to master these daily challenges without support.
Our lives are characterized by our family-oriented life style, our support network of family members, our job, and good time management.
Families fulfill the function of securing the succession of generations and strengthen the solidarity between different generations.
For the following years, we have to anticipate a massive increase in people needing care.

Essentially, it is the relationships with
other people that give meaning to our lives.
Wilhelm von Humboldt

Based on the principle of this philosophy, HUMANITAS Pflegeservice has offered professional services spanning generations since 1992. The range of our consulting, assistance, and care services is as manifold as it is flexible.
We believe in a holistic concept. The individual person stands in the focus of our work–their happiness and security are our primary goal.
The basis of our services is a holistic care for all our customers, meaning that we their individual, cultural, social, and religious needs into account.

Since the foundation of our company in 1992, we have been growing continually. Today, we are one of the leading providers in Germany, offering our services throughout the country.

We bid you a warm welcome!

Brigitte Büchert

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