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Demand-oriented, professional childcare for working parents

Promoting the reconciliation of work and family is an important part of sustainable family policy. Reliable, high-quality childcare is key to success when it comes to attracting motivated and qualified employees. More and more companies realize that family-oriented personnel policy is an essential distinguishing feature for increasing employer attractiveness and thus a decisive factor for future economic success. Furthermore, childcare facilities help reduce absenteeism and increase corporate productivity, since working parents are more concentrated and productive when they know that their children are taken good, reliable care of.
Family-oriented personnel policy can only be sustainable if companies adjust to the changing demographic and economic conditions.

Stable childcare solutions for parents and companies

HUMANITAS Pflegeservice is your competent work-life balance partner. We support companies wanting to offer their employees demand-oriented places in an in-house or close-to-company childcare facility by providing advice, planning and conception services, and managing the whole care facility for your company. Additionally, we gladly advice your employees on choosing the right form of care, provide suitable care solutions based on high standards, and offer reliable support and assistance. Furthermore, we help working parents with finding the right form of school or a suitable school and provide information on possibilities of additional private tuition.

The following table gives you an overview of our most important childcare offers for the whole family.


Overview of care solutions: different forms of childcare

Form of care


Permanent institutional solutions: daycare centers 

Day nursery (“Krippe”) 

Children from eight weeks to three years of age


Children from three to six years of age or until entering school

After-school daycare (“Hort”)

Schoolchildren from six to twelve years of age

Family daycare center (“Familienkrippe”)

Children from eight weeks to twelve years of age in small groups with a family-like atmosphere; based on daycare for children 

Short-term institutional solutions

Back-up facility

Flexible childcare facility for short-notice care/care in case of emergency 

Holiday care

Offers holiday activities for children of all ages 

Permanent care: private care solutions


  • Takes care of up to five children, from babies to children of 14 years of age; by the hour or all day in your own home
  • Possibility to provide care for one or more children in the family’s own home
  • Childminders need a certification and basic childcare qualifications and have to successfully take part in a first aid course for babies and small children 

Childcare workers

  • Provide care for children of all ages; by the hour or all day in the family’s own home 
  • Nannies are usually employed by the parents themselves 
Au pairs
  • Provide care for children for up to 30 hours a week in the family’s own home 
  • International exchange program where young adults (between 18 and 24 years of age) from abroad and with experience in childcare come to live with a guest family for a maximum of one year and take care of the children 

After-school care

  • Promotion of the children’s academic progress: Homework help and tuition 
  • Counseling in case of school problems 

Short-term care/care in case of emergency

Emergency care

  • Childcare in case of emergency (e.g. illness of the child, absence of childminders, closing times of childcare facilities); mostly in the family’s home

Surrogate mums for emergencies

  • Childcare and nursing care as well as undertaking of educational and housekeeping tasks in case of emergency 

  • Provide occasional care for children of all ages (mostly in the evening or on weekends) in the family’s own home

  • Insbesondere für Eltern geeignet, die unregelmäßig und stundenweise Bedarf an Kinderbetreuung haben
Service Hotline 0800 42 42 800


Nursing care insurance – Increase of payments since 01.01.2015

Since January 2015 there is an increase of the amount of benefits in the nursing care insurance. We have outlined some of the important changes.

Non-cash benefits | Day and night services
Please find below the new maximum rates for non-cash benefits on an outpatient basis as well as the day and night services.

care level 0
till 2014 € 225
since 2015 € 231

care level I
till 2014 € 450
since 2015 € 468

care level I(people with significant disabilities)
till 2014 € 665
since 2015 € 689

care level II
till 2014 € 1.100
since 2015 € 1.144

care level II(people with significant disabilities)
till 2014 € 1.250
since 2015 € 1.298

care level III
till 2014 € 1.510
since 2015 € 1.612

If there are any questions left please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours HUMANITAS Pflegeservice – Team

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